Sugaring vs Waxing Sugaring new york city nyc hair removal waxingWaxing is easy accessible method of hair removal. There are plenty Waxing salons on every corner in each major city in United States. Some people choose Waxing because they simply don’t know any other method of hair removal, others know about Laser and try to get more information about it, and after getting to know all aspects about its influence on the skin, pain and side effects they keep waxing or shaving.
While Sugaring is very popular method of hair removal in Europe, Asia and Russia it is less known in United States. We think it is a result of its geographical position and lack of beauty knowledge exchange.
Sugaring is considered to be one of the greatest great Waxing Alternatives, its less painful, lasts twice longer and actually removes the hair from the follicle, while waxing strips just break the hair in the middle of its growth, on the skin line, leaving 2-5mm of hair inside the skin. We don’t want to call waxing “Useless” but it’s quite so, because same is blade shaving it makes newly-grown hair more thick and hard, harder to deal with with each waxing session.
Sugaring removes your hair from the follicle in the direction of natural hair growth, making it almost painless and gives you 4-7 weeks until new hair grows in the follicle.

Try Sugaring NYC once and you will never go back to Waxing, it is amazing alternative to waxing.


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