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Sugaring USA is America’s leading sugaring body hair removal company. We operate multiple locations in New York City, Miami, Atlanta and expanding to other states. In 2017 Sugaring Dubai will open its doors 6000 miles away from Times Square. Sugaring Moscow will follow Sugaring USA international expansion in late 2017. Sugaring USA is a closed-circle service company, using supplies and materials that we manufacture in United States and overseas, including our Signature Sugaring Paste. Our supply department is distributing sugaring products to major retail chains and online stores like Amazon, Ebay and other reputable retailers.

Company’s goal is to make Sugaring accessible to as many customers as possible keeping the service standards on the highest level.

Franchising Opportunities

We are looking to expand our network with qualified partners who are able to follow the legal and administrative procedures to comply with company standards.

Please submit all Franchising inquiries to our corporate office:

Mailing Address:
75 Maiden Ln, Room 508
New York, NY 10038
Corporate Email:
Corporate Phone: (805) 216-6071 

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