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  • Omolara O.

    Omolara O.

    I think sugaring will have to be my new thing. I stopped by after work last Friday. I saw that the free promotion for armpits were available so I took the offer up. Now, I hated shaving because the hair grew up. I can't stand waxing because of the burns and partial skin removal. So when I saw that sugaring was available, I knew I wanted to experience it as well.

    Well when I got there, I was greeted and told to go into room two. Sugaring was not a painful experience but there was a lot of pressure. It actually didn't feel bad, but they go over the same spot twice, so I can see how for some it can feel a bit painful. Sugar paste is made with sugar, water and lemon juice. Not much is needed but it gets the job done. Yani did an awesome job. So today, which is Wednesday, my armpits have no hair on them and the hair has yet to grow back. I'm surprised and I made an appointment for a Brazilian for next week. I think this is my new hair removal regimen from now on!
  • Romina R.

    Romina R.

    The office is clean, took me right on time. I highly recommend going to Natasha, she was so sweet, friendly, and thorough. I would come back based on my experience with her. She made the process seamless, she knew it was my first time sugaring and explained everything to me and gave me advice for next time. She mentioned the Yelp which had free underarms which I really appreciated.

    Now for the sugaring itself -- I came here for the first time as an alternative to European wax center. The application process of the sugar itself is much more painful than the application of wax, however, when she pulls the sugar off it is less painful than the pull off of the wax. Overall between this and waxing it is probably equal pain. She said it will last longer than waxing though so we will see! If it lasts longer than I would say this is better than wax.
  • Grace H.

    Grace H.

    Just found out about this place by chance. This place is awesome! Never had sugaring done but now I won't go back to regular waxing. The staff are really friendly and do an awesome clean job. This place isn't street level so you won't know it's there. Super clean facility. I highly recommend!
  • Erika B.

    Erika B.

    So happy with my results! Second time sugaring and my first time at this location! Friendly staff, cute decor and fast as hell! I'm in love! I already booked my next appt!

    I came back and had a great experience again! Unfortunately I was having a difficult day and missed my appt (they have a 10 minute grace period and I was like 20 minutes late). I tried to call on my way but I had spotty service so I decided I'd try to walk in anyway. It was a Friday evening so they were kinda busy but the receptionist is also a student and offered to sugar my legs for free! She was super sweet and made me feel very comfortable. It takes a little bit longer when a student is sugaring but it's kinda cool that they get the chance to work on their craft before they start charging clients. I definitely recommend looking into a session with a student if you're not in a rush. I'll be back!
  • Denisse M.

    Denisse M.

    Dani, was the best!! She was very outing, hilarious and made my experience very interesting. She walked me through the process, she kept me distracted and gave me good advice. This was my first time sugaring and I WILL NEVER TOUCH A RAZOR AGAIN in my life!  go see Dani you won't regret it!
  • Lucy A.

    Lucy A.

    Amazing experience! Today was my first time, and I loved it. I use to go to a place where the lady wanted to charge me half of the fees of what I get done if I would cancel an appointment. I owe a business, and I would never treat my clients like that, but sugaring is all about YOU! so don't doubt it and go.
  • yvonne c.

    yvonne c.

    Great experience for a first time sugaring Brazilian! Would highly recommend coming back.

    Bei was lovely and make sure I was comfortable.
  • Dee C.

    Dee C.

    This place is great  - clean and fairly easy to get to. The receptionist was polite and welcoming, and even though I was a few minutes late there was no issue and I saw Victoria right away. I had a Brazilian and Victoria is thorough, made me feel very comfortable (incredibly important for a Brazilian). She really took her time, and spent a while afterward tweezing any of the hairs too short to get to with the sugaring. Excellent service.

    For those who are considering between sugaring, waxing or laser, I have had all three done and I feel like the effects of sugaring last longer than waxing (still baby smooth down there a week later, with waxing I started to feel almost stubbly within a week).  Waxing and sugaring hurt equally, and the pain was nothing compared to lasering. If you like sugaring or are considering trying it instead of waxing, I would recommend this spot.
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